A long climb up a steep hill in Ladysmith

A description of  the ‘inspiration’ and process for my  work in progress, Uphill From Here

For the most part we learn by experience. Events are analyzed, compared and absorbed as they happen, life’s meaning effervescing like the tantalizing flavours of a simmering stew.

But as a novelist that sequence, the acclimatizing passages of growing up and growing old, is frequently reversed, or inverted. In an ‘inspired flash’ I have been given Devlin Smith’s life-story in my current novel in progress, Uphill From Here. Now I have to examine the events in that skeletal outline, giving them breath, life, meaning, all the while asking: ‘ Why have I been given this responsibility?’

At the beginning of that process for this novel, I’m reaching into my communities to discover experiences and perspectives  that will make an inspiring story compelling, or what I like to call ‘real fiction’.

Join me on Devlin’s long, hard climb up a short, steep hill in Ladysmith. Let’s find out more about how he got to the foot of Symonds Street and his struggle to get to the top of that challenging grade. I’m looking for: ‘adopters’, ‘enactors’, ‘beta readers’… anyone interested in helping me tell Devlin’s story.

Read the outline to Uphill From Here, and find out how you can get into the story as it’s written.