Book Trailers / Readings

 Flight, a reading from my novel The Boy From Under, is an example book trailer.


Trailers and online readings are terrific ways of reaching potential readers. Short videos that capture the essence or flavour of a book, they are in formats that can be posted online via web sites, social media, email or eNewsletters. The beauty of book trailers is they allow you to reach out to audience over and over again, featuring fresh excerpts from your work.

To be effective a trailer has to entertain and inform – like an espresso, these literary shots are meant to be enjoyed in the moment, and savoured for a while. Embedded in that brief lit-hit is a call to action: that is, the viewer/listener will be asked to buy your book, or attend your event, and extend the experience.

Making a book trailer is a creative literary collaboration between you and me. We will:

  1. Talk about your book, and about the audience you want to reach. Then brainstorm a plan to capture the essence of your story in a short video. Not until we have visualized the story about your story will we begin gathering and creating the assets we need to tell it.
  2. The heart of the trailer will be a reading excerpt, or a narrative describing a facet of your book. This will be recorded in a setting that evokes the thoughts and feelings you want to convey; or we may shoot the segment in front of a ‘green screen’, which will allow us to drop in the kind of imagery and messaging you want. Typically a trailer will be between one-and-a-half and two minutes long.
  3. With all the assets in hand, I will produce your trailer, and keep working at it until we are satisfied it captures the spirit of your story. Then it will be posted to a site where it can be either linked to directly, or embedded onto your web site. A version suitable for direct posting to Facebook, Twitter and other social media will also be provided.


  • Participants: You and me, and extras if you wish.
  • Cost: $200 for a trailer of up to two minutes.
  • Location: Craig’s studio in Chemainus, B.C. & on location
  • Sessions: One planning session, one shooting session, one review session.
  • Time frame: Approximately two weeks.
  • Outcomes: Professionally produced trailer; the experience of collaborating in a creative, literary process; help posting your trailer to your web site or social media (optional).