Welcome Inside the Box

Reports are rife about the waning interest in literary fiction, its last generation of snoozing readers cruising over the horizon, their novels left opened, face-down on their laps. There’s no disputing the evidence, which leaves writers like myself two choices: accept the dreary plot-line, or introduce a shift.

I’m opting for the latter. It’s time for me to recalibrate both the scope and intent of what it means to be an author, and more precisely, an author whose chosen mode is LitFic. I have to renew and expand my creative cycle.

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‘Eh?-I?’ Audio Journal 20171228-0720

Robi’s first entry into his Audio Journal suggests he might not be who he thought he was the day before. Look up posts in the Eh? I? category to find out more about who or what Robi is becoming, and the increasingly dysfunctional, dystopian world he’s spiralling into. If you want to follow Robi’s unravelling, visit my contact page and choose your mode.

‘Eh? I?’ What’s in a title

It’s hard to write speculative, dystopian fiction without sounding alarmist, preachy or inauthentic. Am I overstating the concerns people should have about the future as it’s unfolding? Making the narrative too abstract and detached for the sake of the all-important message I want to deliver, and thus defeating the very purpose of weaving complex themes into fiction? Or – worst of all – am I exaggerating for the sake of adding dramatic tension and effects to a novel that doesn’t really have anything socially relevant to say?

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