Collabowriting Fiction Workshop

  • Age: Twelve and older, mixed age groups possible.
  • Level: No writing experience necessary.
  • Requirement: Must be open to participation in creative role play. Must be positive, supportive and collaborative.
  • Structure: Five 90 minute workshop sessions.
  • Objective: Experience the ‘heart and soul’ of creative writing without having to write.
  • Outcome: A collaboratively written short story to be published as a print on demand or online book.


Writing is not only about writing.
By definition the words a writer chooses to bring characters, settings, themes and actions to life are integral to a literary work of fiction. But non-writers can experience the wonder and fun of creating writing too, if they work collaboratively with an author. Collabowriting brings an experienced writer (me) together with a group of 10 to 12 people to collaboratively produce a work genuine of fiction. The process is meant to be FUN; it is also intended to inspire people to think and feel like writers.


Session 1 – Getting to know each other
We will get to know each other and familiarize ourselves with tools and techniques that will be used in coming sessions. By the end of Session 1 we will have digital photos, videos and brief bios of everyone in the workshop.

Session 2 – A cast of Characters
Each participant will select a character at random. In small groups they will be asked to describe the character they have drawn, elaborating and building on the description provided. They will then be asked to do a ‘set piece’ enactment of their character, which will be recorded by other workshop participants. At the end of the session a ‘character swap’ will be held.

Session 3 – Setting the Scenes
We will look into the nooks and crannies of the places where the story is to take place. Imagine the vistas our characters might see before them, or venture into the dark, metaphorical alleyways of their nightmares. This is where we experience and explore the metaphorical significance of the places and things in our lives.

Session 4 – Plotting
To be a villain, you must think like a villain. To be a hero, you must respond like one. In this session we will get to know our characters – and by extension, our inner selves – as we’ve never known our worst enemies and best friends. We’ll test their determination and endurance to the limits in physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions.

Session 5 – Book Launch & Celebration
A chance for the group, family and friends to celebrate a work of creative fiction, with the participants reading their parts!

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