Set Piece Theatre

Set Piece Theatre allows people who are not professional writers or actors to participate in the creation of genuine works of dramatic fiction.

Facilitator/Author Craig Spence tailors each workshop to participants’ goals. Workshops can be: based on age; deal with a specific theme; or be designed for selected groups and settings. The objective is creative fun in a supportive environment.

Writing, photography and production of the finished work is all done by Craig in collaboration with the group. Craig is your writer, facilitating  your story. Participants adopt characters as we develop the story line, then pose in set-piece enactments for still photos portraying key plot-points. The photos will be incorporated into the final work in a graphic-novella format.

Elements of the workshops include: Getting Into Character; Plotting for Dramatic Effect; Posing for ‘Set Piece’ Photos; and celebrating the release of a genuine work of dramatic, graphic fiction. Set Piece Theatre stories are published in print and eBooks formats, as PDF files, or as online web publications.

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