Media Releases

Your primary audience, when crafting a news release, is the editors who are going to make up their minds weather or not to use your material within 10 or 15 seconds of opening it up on their computer screens. A clear understanding of editorial decision-making raises media relations to the standard of a professional discipline, improving the odds and widening the scope of your initiatives.

Having an experienced journalist, editor and communications manager write and deliver your media releases not only increases the likelihood your story will ‘make it’ into the news lineups you are targeting, it also ensures that even if an editor hits the delete button, your media relations will reach intended audiences.

If you want do develop the skills to do your own media releases, consider taking my Effective Media Releases workshop – it’s informative, fun, and you’ll come away with a usable release to send out to your list.

If you want to work on your next release with an experienced professional in a collaborative, creative mode, then call me and let’s set up a consultation to discuss your media relations goals. Whether or not you decide to bring me onto your team will depend on your confidence in the plan we develop – a plan that will be approved by you. Building partnership comes first.

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