Personal Narrative

I have never met a person who didn’t have an interesting story to tell. Thinking about stories, putting them into their larger context, and probing their deeper significance is the process I call personal narrative. The moment of truth in a personal narrative project is when a client clearly sees something in the story he or she hadn’t realized before – that the process of assembling the facts and materials used to present their story has deepened the meaning of the emerging narrative.

What is the difference between personal narrative and memoir? The two forms do overlap, and can sometimes look the same, but personal narrative focuses more on the feelings and meanings of a client’s stories than on its chronology and ‘just the facts.’

If you’d like to talk about a personal narrative project you have in mind, don’t hesitate. There is no commitment on your part until we have developed, through consultation, a personal narrative outline we both have confidence in and which you have approved. Building partnership comes first.

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