Setpiece Theatre


Set Piece Theatre is all about having fun while exploring the theme, character, action and setting of a dramatic narrative. Participants will engage in a guided three-step process, during which they will:

1 Establish character, setting, theme and a plot-outline through dialogue and impromptu enactments. By the end of this stage, the group will know who’s-who in the story (each participant will ‘adopt’ a character); where the story takes place; and what’s going to happen. Author Craig Spence will take these ideas and write the story. Participants will be able to watch people, places and events emerge online, and will be expected to stand up for the roles of their ‘adopted’ characters in interactive, online dialogue.

2 Once the manuscript is ready, participants will do set-piece enactments of selected scenes from the story. A set-piece doesn’t involve acting; instead, participants will pose in the roles of their adopted characters so the scenes can be photographed. These images will be used as chapter or section headings in the published version of the story.

3 After the story has been published, participants will come together to celebrate their work. Part of this session will be a debrief and discussion of the process and final work. As well, participants will be invited to read their favorite passages from the story to the group and guests. Each participant will take a copy of the story with them from this ‘launch’ as a memento.

Workshop Summary

  • Participants: Five, all ages, no special skills required.
  • Cost: $150 per participant, some extra costs for materials.
  • Location: Craig’s studio in Chemainus, B.C. & on location
  • Sessions: Three in-person sessions plus ongoing online participation.
  • Time frame: Approximately six weeks.
  • Outcomes: Professionally produced story-book, experiences related to writing, drama and photography, plenty of wonderful memeories.