Event Coverage

Sample feature, Saltair Quilters Sesquicentennial project!

Compelling stories and images from this year’s event are essential materials for promoting next year’s. As a community journalist and communications manager I have covered hundreds of events. In consultation with you I will develop a plan that zooms in on the highlights of your program, perhaps starting with some pre-event interviews to use in an advance media release, then continuing with professional coverage of the event itself.

Stories and images can be used on your web site, in all sorts of promotional materials, in presentations and follow-up releases. If you don’t have someone with professional skills covering your event, you are missing your best opportunity to capture the excitement for future use.

Do you have an event coming up? Want to have it professionally covered? Don’t hesitate. There is no commitment on your part until we have developed, through consultation, an event coverage plan we both have confidence in and which you have approved. Building partnership comes first.

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