Welcome 2018! Time to open a new chapter on books

(This post is echoed from my Boy From Under blog. If you want to see what my version of a Direct-to-web book looks like visit BoyFromUnder.ca)

Back in November, when I relaunched this web-book, I posted a blog explaining why I believe ‘books’ as we know them have to morph into new forms. expanding the boundaries of what we consider to be literature. Two months isn’t a lot of time to forge ahead with an experiment to that end, certainly not enough to prove so ambitious – perhaps audacious – a point. And if the financial fortunes of writers were the only, or even the most important measure of success, I would certainly not be posting about my progress so far!

But I can say without hesitation, I am excited at the prospect of continuing the project into 2018.

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Boy From Under – Chapter 3, Episodes 21-25 Readings

Cathy and Maria girl talk into a dark corner. Victor joins his Mum and Dad for dinner in East Van, and together they watch the evening news, one of the images that flashes onto the screen of the Daly’s TV triggers a flashback Victor can’t explain or identify. All he knows is it’s somehow real, and connected to his ‘before times’ buried deep in the ‘thinking flesh’. Cathy visits Laurence Selkirk to share some memorable photos. Episodes: 21 A Place to Run | 22 Dinner with Mom and Dad | 23 Cathy’s Album | 24 The Evening News | 25 Distracted Driving. Get into the story at boyfromunder.ca