Malahat Summit

Here, above the morning mists
I see nothing gives way
to anguish, or nausea
no matter what is said
by my outmoded mentor
of existentialist persuasion.

There’s nothing heavy enough
at the heart of me
to make me fall through clouds
tumbling down, down, down
into that harsh, predictable reality,
which is not so.

The trick is not to look
up, or down, or round
with eyes heavy as stones,
but to accept the vision
for what it is in this precise
and every other precious moment,
a concatenation of spirit, giving
meaning to everything –
even the vast imponderables
it knows it cannot know
are questions of my own making.

And I am forever, and ever so
despite this nagging notion
that my essence is all mist,
swaddled in this thinking flesh.


Bare metal consciousness

For days now I have been trying to comprehend the meaning of Hurssel’s ‘epoché’. I still don’t have a confident grasp of the process, and do not even know if my understanding in any way matches what he intended. But a sense, useful to a searcher, coalesced this morning into breathtaking focus.

Starting from his notion of ‘bracketing’ or suspending our ‘presuppositions’ surrounding sensory data I am reminded that:

  • Sense experiences are simple and immediate;
  • The five senses are separate and distinct;
  • Sensory data is fundamental to our notion of time, as time is essential to the interpretation of sense data.

The implications of these rather obvious premises intrigue me. Even before following through with them, I can see they place me on the threshold of a paradigm shift. Things get even more delightfully precarious when I cross reference the reality of my version of epoché with my previously adopted schemata of the four aspects of human consciousness – the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

This combined perspective on being reveals a rich, meaningful, exciting philosophical framework, which will be a background element of my literary development and exploration from now on.

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